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    The clear mountain waters are inviting, and the open ranges are waiting to be discovered at Custer State Park in the Black Hills. The park encompasses 71,000 acres of spectacular terrain and an abundance of wildlife. A herd of 1,300 bison roams freely throughout the park, one of the largest publically owned herds in the world. Custer State Park campgrounds offer a variety of scenic sites. Set up camp along a flowing stream, in the midst of pine forest, or near a mountain lake. Each campsite at Custer State Park has a gravel or paved camping pad, a fire grate and picnic table. Electric hookups are available in most campgrounds. One-room, log-style cabins are equipped with heating, air conditioning, electricity and a porch. Furnishings include a bunk bed, a double bed, table and benches. Whichever option you choose, making reservations is fast and easy with the online system.

    During the summer season, trout fishing is perhaps one of the most popular recreational activities in Custer State Park. The park offers four mountainous lakes worth exploring in this regard. Center Lake, Legion Lake, Stockade Lake and Sylvan Lake comprise about 182 acres of crystal blue water and offer habitat for several species of fish. Whether hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or rock climbing, find your adventure along the roads and trails. Custer State Park's early pioneers, ranchers and loggers have left behind miles of trails and backcountry roads to explore. In addition to the magnificent buffalo, other animals like pronghorn, prairie dogs, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mountain lions and burros are found in the park.

    Custer State Park is home to several unique buildings and landmarks. Walk the banks of French Creek, where Custer's expedition first discovered gold in 1874. Get a bird's-eye view from the Mount Coolidge Fire tower, discover the history at the Gordon Stockade, or tour the Badger Hole, the cabin where South Dakota's first poet laureate., Charles Badger Clark, spent the last 30 years of his life. Educational programs at the park are offered seven days a week during the summer. Pan for gold, enjoy a nature hike, go fishing, or discover the history of Custer State Park.

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    • 50 Amp Available
    • Tent Sites Available
    • Group Area
    • WiFi
    • Internet Access
    • Lake
    • Forest Areas
    • Laundry
    • Conven Store
    • Diner/Snack Bar
    • Gas
    • Dump Station
    • Picnic Area
    • BBQ Facilities
    • Horse Facility
    • ADA Accessible
    • Club/Meeting Room
    • Groups Welcome
    • Chapel Services
    • Pets Welcome
    • Resort Atmosphere
    • Quiet Atmosphere
    • Credit Crd Accepted
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    • Phone
    • Repair Services
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    • Playground
    • Boat Ramp
    • Boat Rentals
    • Backpacking
    • Biking - Mountain
    • Bird Watching
    • Boating - Limited
    • Boating - Paddle
    • Boating
    • Climbing
    • Education Activity
    • Family Activity
    • Fishing
    • Fly Fishing
    • Hiking
    • Horseback Riding
    • Outdoor Games
    • Scenic Driving
    • Sightseeing
    • Swimming
    • Wildlife Viewing
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    • Golfing
    • Hot Springs
    • Miniature Golf
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    Love the Blackhills and Custer State Park. The beauty, cleanliness, and serenity.The wildlife , terrain, and sights to see are awesome. It is a place to kick back relax and enjoy God's creation and beauty. You will not be disappointed. My Wife and I try to get up there at least once a year. We will up there again this year as well.
    courtesy of CampSD.com

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    A great week

    My wife and I visited Custer State Park in May 2018. We needed to check on our Bison buddies after the big fire. What an amazing experience. Seeing just born Bison, baby prairie dogs, and pronghorns was a real treasure to never be forgotten. We did some hiking, and some relaxing. I was really impressed with the staff and their dedication to getting the park cleaned up and open for business after the fire. I love it out here! Can't wait to get back for the Bison Roundup in 2019.
    courtesy of CampSD.com

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    Serene campsite

    This campsite was fabulous. We used this as a inexpensive way for our 6 person family to tour Mount Rushmore and get a feel for the area for one night. We were pressed for time but if we had known what a nice campsite this was we would have budgeted more time here: next to a beautiful creek, shade, pretty landscape, nice amenities and the black hills to explore. The only thing I'd want to change was the heat but that's inescapable due to visiting in July! Will definitely plan to revisit this campground.

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    Motorcycle trip

    Hello, I went on a three month long motorcycle trip this past summer (2018) and Custer State Park was one if the places I stopped at in order to pitch my tent and stay the night. Throughout my 3-month journey I stayed at many, many campgrounds, AirBnbs, hotels, hostels, etc. Custer State Park was the low point as far as Value and Reservation process were concerned. After a long day of riding it is always nice to come upon a campground that has a fair price and an easy reservation system; Custer had neither. I arrived about an hour before sunset (as I usually do), I was tired, and wanted to set my tent up before dark. The first hurdle was the $10 (cash) Park vehicle pass. I didn’t have a $10 bill. So I had to jump back on bike and go find change somewhere. That took 30 minutes, and it was closer to sunset. The next hurdle was that you have to use a Reservation phone at the campsite to make a reservation before setting up tent...even though there were many open spots. The phone was easy to find, the receptionist answered relatively quickly, and was friendly enough, but then I spent about 15 minutes on the phone, answering questions, providing credit card information, address, email, phone number, state of residence, and much much more simply to reserve a 20ft x 20ft patch of dirt in order to pitch small two-man tent...and it was only for one night. I have bought vehicles in less time. By the time the reservation process was over, the 20ft x 20ft patch of earth cost me nearly $40....what? I could stay in an Econo Lodge for cheaper than that (Kissimmee FL...$35). The $40 consisted of the $10 Park vehicle pass, a camping fee, a phone call fee, a non-resident fee, and finally taxes. It was like looking at my cell phone bill. South Dakota...could you possibly make the camping process any more complicated? And why the non-resident fee? It that your way of attracting tourists? Unfortunately I have seen other State parks doing this. I am one guy on a small motorcycle that just wants to pitch a tent for one night, but there is a complex reservation process and cost structure that treats me like I am driving a 40 foot motorhome. Please look at how the National Parks run their campgrounds...always easy and simple. You ride/drive up to the gate, grab an envelope, and slip in a $20 bill. No taxes, no non-resident fee, no phone charge, no fuss no muss. First come first serve. Easy!