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    So, I stayed at this campground for a long weekend and it did have some problems. Firstly, there was no handsoap or drying towels in the restrooms. We went during a rainy spell and major mud everywhere. One poor guy up the way had his tent camper flood ut with tires in mud. He as pissed. Small sites. The sites were not raked well and cleared of debris. Our neighbors were carrying on till 3 am so we didnt get much sleep and relaxation. Lots of drinking and loud m mouths.Didnt see staff patroling and watching and enforcing quiet time. One large party! I wouldnt go there again. It did seem a bit like a trailer park. Much need of some gravel roads and new rest rooms in the back of the campground.You have to haul your own trash and theres an ungaurded pond to swim in thats gross.
    courtesy of Camping.com