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    terrible owners

    When you first drive back into Genesee Otter lake campground it is deceivingly beautiful . The store is very clean and well stocked, but the prices are very high. Then as you go over the hill you notice this park is about empty. It makes you wonder when all the other parks in the area have waiting list to get in and this beautiful park is empty. Beach is nice though very small. Lake is beautiful, so why is this park empty. Seasonal fees to camp in this park have become very expensive and they offer nothing for the cost. There is no full hook up and only dump a week , which they also charge for. Campers camping on non- seasonal sites find that there is only one dump station in this park and after a busy weekend you wait in line for a long time. They have a monthly fee which they call park maintenance, which is very expensive. I’m not really sure what all it is for , because they don’t tell you. Nothing is free in this park.You can rent boats from them or pay $20 to bring in your own boat, they claim they have to inspect it, they look it over, takes about two mins., i have never been charged before at any other park. Guest over 18 are $5 a day pass and dogs are $2 a day. usually when you’re having guests thats when owners or one of there workers decide to come to be rude, I found not worth inviting our friends out. Gate card does not come with site rental either, that is another charge they get you with after your in the park. You learn fast that nothing in this park is done as a courtesy, you will be billed for it. They always somehow manage to get extra charges on their billings, and you constantly have to watch this and then get them to change it. If your a non- seasonal that wants to reserve a lot, be prepared to pay the whole thing up front with no cancelation refund. The bathroom are old and nasty but they do keep them clean enough. They say this is a family friendly campground and they allow no foul language and fighting. I don’t think owners swearing and yelling in front of campers and children is family friendly. you couldn’t make the things I have seen the owners of this campground do.