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    Beyond unpleasant

    This is one of the worst campgrounds I have lived in. I was a full timer for just over 2 years. The only reason I have it 2 stars as opposed to none is that it has a nice open space for pets, which consequently they tried to get rid of until they discovered the city would fine them considerably for changing the fingerprint. Very expensive, the penny and some you. Jim and Densise the managers are two of the most unhappy, miserable and egotstically rude people I have ever met. They are so miserable and have clearly been that way for so long that they are completely unaware of exactly how miserable the are. They take pleasure in making up arbitrary rules. Jim and Denise are both sexist people. Jim had plenty of things to say to me as solo single female rver. They have one set of rules written down and more you could never know about because they don't bother to put them in writing. They have one set of rules for some, and other rules for other folks. They got rid of the handicap parking but hey, made sure they put an extra managers parking literally about 10 feet from the the managers t.v. space and office. It's an Ada violation to have no handicap parking. The owners who are attorneys are closely guarded secret. Because jim and Denise are so terrible the owners dont want to hear about it. They also broke my window mowing the lawn. It's a good thing I audio recorded Jim regarding the incident or I would never have gotten it paid for. Beware! These people are snakey, and will never take responsibility unless you make them. I suggest using the recorder on your cell phone in any conversations you have with them. This saved me! Gestapo type management, expensive, nickel and dining, clique. But hey if you long for high school immaturity, drama and dysfunction that saddens your soul then this is your place. I moved, thank God.